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 Here is the second Irregular Verb Quiz

organized by
Kiddies Cool.

All you have to do is answer the 5 questions below.

People from all countries can take part in this competition and the first one to give correct answers to all questions wins an English book that will be sent to his/her personal address.

The name of the winner and the correct answers will be published on this very site
(no other information will be published!).

You can tell all your friends to take part in this Competition .

If there are a lot of answers we will set up regular quizzes...

The answers to the 1st Quiz are as follows :

Q1 Which verb lets you hear the bleating of a sheep? : to knit
Q2 Which verb shows a box of tissues :
To upset
Q3 For which verb can you see someone with a red cape? : to mow
Q4 How many cats can you see in all 180 verb pictures? :
Q5 Which verb is also an insect? : to fly

The Winner is
from France

She will get a fantastic prize very soon!_________________________________________________

Good Luck everybody!

Q1 Which verbs let you hear the sound of water? :
Q2 How many bins are there in the whole verbs? :
Q3 For which verbs can you see a goblin? :
Q4 For which verb can you hear a curse? :
Q5 Which verb is also used under arrest :
What's your First Name? :
What's you Last Name? :
Date of birth (--/--/----) :
Your Full Address :
Postal Code :
City or Town :
Country :
Your email address :
Phone Number :
Please tell us what you think of this Quiz and if you'd like some more.. :